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Urban plan for a residential area - fourth year Architecture Uni project

So this is what it turned out. Thanks edgecondition for the hints in your reply ;).

LOCATION: south-west of Bucharest (Romania --> Europe)
THEME: urban plan for a residential area

This is the final product, as I'm not gonna start explaining the city's context and urbanism and the way it's expanding and stuff :):

Whole area plan 1:5000 [including the urbanistic solution proposed]
Free Image Hosting at

Detailed plan 1:2000
Free Image Hosting at

Model with urban textures (420 x 594mm)
Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
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This may sound kind of goofy, but I love the palette you used for your land use area plan.. I'm a first year urban planning grad student, and the world of board creation is new to me. I'm always on the lookout for good palettes, especially for land use plans. :D
Lol. Thanks. Before uni I did some good years of art school (from when I was 8 years old until 13, then I did half a year with a professor that instructed for young people that wanted to apply to Art uni) and painting was my drawing technique that I felt more close to the way that I wanted to express myself (especially because, compared to drawing with pencils, when it comes to color, I actually COULD make MY own color hues, not being restricted by some stupid great color pencils label).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, but I'm at architecture uni and the project's solution might not be the best one ;) + the project's complexity could have been achieved so very hard in such a little amount of time.
Yay that strings worked well!! And thanks for posting the results!
I wish I knew more (ie building/population density/coefficient) to make better sense out of things; also the explanation of the very interesting geometry of the street pattern.
Loops or grid(?!), I can't put it in a category; haha good thing urbanism isn't my major, I'd be bummed about that now!!
You're welcome!

No prob; you were very helpful in the first place ;).