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Urban plan at 1:5000

We have this urbanism project at the uni and I'm really desperate, so basically I'm asking for those of you who knows/got links with examples with how this urban plan suppose to look like (I'm at the architecture section; fourth year). Like, I want to know how detailed or not this suppose to look like at 1:5000, considering that our site has 420ha.

+ (we also have this thing to do) if you know examples of models with urban textures or ideas about how to make an urban textures model (most of the students want to make it with seed or spaghetti or stuff like that).

Please, help! I have the deadline Friday, but tomorow I'm making the 1:5000 plan (because after that I'm gonna colour it in Photoshop and it will take some time) and I'm starting to make the urban textures model.

Thank you.
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