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ramblings and whatnot.

Hi. No one has posted in here since I have joined, so I will just jump in.
My name is Heather and I am fairly new to urban planning and community revitalization and all that fun stuff, but I am quickly becoming obessessed with all of it.
I don't really have much to say. Just wanted to introduce all who may not know to an organization called the Rocky Mountain Institute. I'm not affliated with it, but I think it is pretty awesome. Recently I found a book they have published at the library about how to organize groups to revitalize local economies and do so in a sustainable manner. Anyway. This post is pretty pointless except to provide a link to their website for more information if anyone is interested.

"RMI is an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of natural, human and other capital to make the world more secure, just, prosperous, and life sustaining. We do this by inspiring business, civil society, and government to design integrative solutions that create true wealth."
Good day!
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