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City resident satisfaction survey

Residents Rank Quality of Life in Reno

[February 26, 2002]

In a second annual Reno Citizen Satisfaction Survey conducted for the City of Reno, 87 percent of respondents say they enjoy the quality of life in the Truckee Meadows, 68 percent are satisfied with the quality of services their city government provides, and 91 percent feel safe in their neighborhoods.

Magellan Research of Las Vegas conducted the survey in early February, speaking to 703 Reno residents. Of these, 279 have lived in Reno more than 20 years. The group was split almost perfectly along gender lines, and 72 percent said they owned their own home. The survey's margin of error is + or - 4 percent.

Over 65 percent of respondents believe City of Reno employees are knowledgeable about their jobs, courteous, responsive and accessible to citizens. Of the 400 respondents who said they or a member of their family had used City of Reno services, facilities or programs, 354 were satisfied or very satisfied with the value of services they received. More than 59 percent of respondents say they have participated in arts and cultural events in downtown Reno such as the Pioneer Theater, Artown and the Riverside 12 theater.

More respondents get their news about city government through newspapers than through any other single source. Newspapers and television news is where 74 percent of respondents get their information, with 0.5 percent relying on weekly magazines or newspapers.

Respondents said they would like to see more of their tax dollars spent on roads and road maintenance, with police expenditures as the next priority.
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